cdi idot workshop flyer


The Contractor Development Initiative is structured to assist, support, and help increase the positioning of your business, in areas such as, but not limited to:

Resources -
Access to the knowledge, relationships and other resources of those who have partnered for your benefit in the Contractor Development Initiative

Development -
General business development assistance including helping you with marketing, procurement, certification and more

Capacity -
Examining the growth of your business, including operational needs for the types of projects that you wish to pursue today and tomorrow

Opportunity -
Identification of options for your participation in the public projects in the Peoria County construction arena

Expansion -
Review growth opportunities, challenges and strategies for MWBEs in general and your company, in particular.

To expedite the completion of the application, you will need to have some information available regarding your Company Profile including: Credit Score, Gross Revenue (2012 and 2013), 2 Largest Completed Projects (Contract Dollar Amount, Year Completed and Gross Profit).